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A Lookback at News Headlines

Housing prices, Seattle growing pains and a divided Washington State; just a few issues our editors review as they look back on 2016.

December 29, 2016

There was no shortage of news in 2016. From the presidential win that took the Seattle region by surprise, to the excitement of a Trump administration felt by Eastern Washington residents. It’s one of the many stories told by writers and producers in the newsroom at KCTS 9 and Crosscut. Enrique Cerna sits down with KCTS 9’s political analyst Joni Balter and Crosscut Editor in Chief Greg Hanscom to discuss other news and issues from the year. What does a ‘sanctuary city’ really mean for Seattle? And who is it a sanctuary for as home and rents continue to rise? Is the middle class getting priced out of the Emerald City? And what about the homeless crisis? We can throw money at the problem, but can our leaders make the tough decisions on complicated matters? These three discuss the issues and more, plus they share their hopes for 2017.