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Mitski Performs “Your Best American Girl”

Recorded live at KEXP.

March 7, 2017

Mitski performing “Your Best American Girl” live in the KEXP studio. Recorded July 14, 2016. 

After this live recording for KEXP, Mitski performed before a crowd at The Crocodile. In a review of the performance, Jacob Webb wrote:

“There was a palpable moment of anticipation in the crowd right before Mitski Miyawaki hit the most pivotal D chord in the evening, the one that kickstarts the massive chorus of “Your Best American Girl”, song-of-the-year candidate and the track pushed the Brooklyn musician’s buzz from slight rumbling to deafening. And when the audience was embracing for that huge, heart-crushingly distorted chorus – it didn’t come, at least not in the way they expected. Her guitar and voice at the same volume and intensity as they were during the preceding verse – direct, yet quiet – the chorus washed over the crowd with a subtle magnitude, making up for what it lacked in punch with a disarming sublimeness. In the midst of a sold-out tour and a tidal wave of critical acclaim, Mitski doesn’t seem the least bit interested in adapting her stage show to the bigger stages she’s already inheriting. However, her stoic, spartan performance at the Crocodile was striking in its own way, a bold choice by an artist who seems intent on ensuring that her truth never comes second to the performance.”

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