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Smells Like Weed Spirit

September 29, 2014

Is it just us, or is the smell of marijuana pretty much everywhere? Whether you’re in a public park, at a bus stop, or even on a downtown street corner in the middle of the day—you’re likely to get a whiff of weed. I-502 may have legalized recreational marijuana, but it’s still illegal to smoke in public—a fact that some users are either forgetting or ignoring. Deborah Wang and the IN Close team muse about the proliferation of pot.

Deborah Wang: So under the new law it’s prohibited to smoke pot in public, but do you feel like there’s pot everywhere now?

Stephen Hegg: I think there is, I mean you see a lot more of it; you smell a lot more of it. And I, kind of, think there’s, kind of, going to be some situation where some jurisdiction is going to decide we’re going to start some enforcement here, just to remind people where the line is.

Josephine Cheng: But it’s interesting that you don’t always know because of the increase in popularity of vaporizers, you know, those vape pens? You don’t smell it, it looks like e-cigarettes, people could be… you know, consuming marijuana, and it wouldn’t always be necess- you know, obvious.

Feliks Banel: You definitely small it everywhere, I mean, downtown, University District, everywhere in Seattle way more than it used to, I think.

Nils Cowan: I mean I moved here five years ago from the east coast, and instantly I noticed it. And in the last year, year and a half, it’s gone up another notch, I feel. In the U-District as well a lot, I have to close the windows, you know? It’s too hot, so you want to open the windows and then it wafts in, so you want to close them. It’s kind of…

Hegg: I actually think a lot of people have forgotten that it as illegal to smoke pot in public as it is to have an open container in public. I think that when 502 is implemented, a lot of people really have this feeling, that it’s legal. I can smell it, I can get high here.

Wang: It is a work in progress.

Banel: I can smell it any time of day, doesn’t seem like it’s only in the afternoon or evening. It’s like morning, mid-day, any time of day.

Cheng: Especially in buses. I have friends who ride the buses and they can’t get away from it! It’s a closed environment.

Cowan: In the bus?

Cheng: Yeah!

Cowan: Wow. What line is that?



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