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2014 Year In Pictures

December 18, 2014


Filled with triumphs and tragedies, a look back at the moments that shaped 2014 through the iconic images of the Listen to audio conversations between IN Close reporters Deborah Wang, Enrique Cerna, Stephen Hegg, Joni Balter, and photographers Jordan Stead and Joshua Trujillo as they reveal the stories behind the photos.

A New Mayor Hits the Ground Running - January 6, 2014

Political history was made with the inauguration of Ed Murray, the first openly gay mayor of Seattle. As Joshua Trujillo describes the atmosphere of the inauguration, the panel gives an analysis of the Mayor’s first year. From shepherding a $15 minimum wage, appointing a new police chief, and dealing with tunnel-boring woes, Mayor Murray’s first year has been action packed.

Mayor1 Mayor 2 Mayor 3 Mayor 4 Mayor 5

Superbowl Victory for the Seahawks - February 2, 2014

A giant 12th man flag is unfurled under the Statue of Liberty, foreshadowing a Seahawk victory over the Denver Broncos in Superbowl XLVIII. Photographers Jordan Stead and Joshua Trujillo describe the excitement on the field, as the panel reminisces on how the win brought a city together. The celebrations culminated in Seattle with a parade attended by over 700,000 fans.

Seahawks2 Seahawks3 Seahawks3 Seahawks3 Seahawks3 Seahawks3

KOMO Helicopter Crashes near the Space Needle - March 18, 2014

A KOMO news helicopter crashes shortly after take-off killing the two aboard, news photographer Bill Strothman and pilot Gary Pfitzner. Enrique Cerna recounts his memories working with Bill, as Jordan Stead describes the crash site and what it was like to capture the reactions of KOMO reporters on the scene.


Massive Landslide in Oso - March 22, 2014

Photographer Joshua Trujillo lived out of his van and immersed himself in the community of Oso following the aftermath of a landslide that killed 43 people; the deadliest landslide in US history. Documenting the rescue efforts and a community coming together to heal, Joshua describes scenes of disaster and hope. The section of highway 530 buried by the slide was re-opened on May 31st with hundreds marching in memoriam.

Oso2 Oso3 Oso3 Oso3 Oso3

Riots erupt on Mayday - May 1, 2014

Mayday often begins filled with peaceful protests, with thousands marching for immigrants' and workers' rights as part of International Workers' Day. But as the sun went down, anarchists took to the streets, police presence intensified, and tensions rose, resulting in mayhem and rioting in Seattle’s Capitol Hill and Downtown core.

Mayday1 Mayday2 Oso3

Recreational Marijuana Stores Open for Business – July 8, 2014

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes was front and center at Cannabis City, the first retail store allowed to legally sell marijuana for recreational use. The panel discusses the future of the medical marijuana industry, and Jordan Stead’s iconic image of Snoop Dogg lighting up during his concert at the WAMU Theater.

Marijuana1 Marijuana2 Marijuana3

Bullets and Heroes at Seattle Pacific University – June 5, 2014

Host Deborah Wang begins the difficult conversation about school shootings by describing the heroic act of Jon Meis, pictured walking with police, who helped subdue a gunman at the campus of Seattle Pacific University. Engineering student Bryan Hildebrandt kneels at a memorial for the student who was killed.


Tragedy at Marysville High School – October 24, 2014

What started like any other school day ends with 5 students dead at Marysville High School. Fifteen year old Jaylen Fryberg shot and killed 4 students and himself in the school's cafeteria. Photographers Jordan Stead and Joshua Trujillo describe the traumatic scenes immediately after the shooting, as parents desperately try to re-unite with their children.

Marysville1 Marysville2 Marysville3 Marysville4 Marysville5 Marysville6

Editors' Picks

Host Deborah Wang, reporters Enrique Cerna, Stephen Hegg, Joni Balter, and photographers Jordan Stead and Joshua Trujillo describe their favorite photos from the 2014 collection.

editors1 editors2 editors3 editors4 editors5 editors6




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You might to include the 12/11 windstorm. Not to mention the retirements of local TV news anchors Dan Lewis from KOMO-TV & Jean Enersen from KING-TV.