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'Heartbreaking': Seattle's Homeless are Getting Sicker and Shelters are Struggling to Keep Up

As baby boomers age, many are finding themselves in a system not set up for late-life care, without anywhere else to go.

June 27, 2019

Seattle's homeless population is aging, and along with age come health problems. Hughes Daniels is one of many sick homeless persons living in a shelter not equipped to handle his health care needs.



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David Kroman

David Kroman is the city reporter for A Bainbridge Island native, David has also worked as a teacher, winery cellar hand, shellfish farmer and program director of a small non-profit. His Twitter is @KromanDavid and his email is

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Jen Dev

Jen Dev is a video producer at Crosscut and KCTS 9 focusing on race and immigration issues. She was born in Italy and raised on three continents before finding a second home in Seattle. Prior to Crosscut, Jen worked with nonprofits, news organizations and higher ed institutions including Columbia University, Italian newspaper La Stampa and Google News Lab startup First Draft News. 

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Dorothy Edwards

Dorothy Edwards is a staff photographer at Crosscut. Before Crosscut, she was a staff photojournalist at the Naples Daily News and USA Today Network in Florida. Find her on twitter and Instagram @dorothy_edwards or email her at

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