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At a Cultural Intersection: The Changing Central District


The Soul of the C.D.

Not many neighborhoods have felt the growth of Seattle more than the Central District. Its residents are caught between trying to maintain the area's history and coping with a rapidly growing city. Click on the red markers to hear stories from those who live at these intersections. Use the filters below to discover more about this community.

Central District Borders
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Produced by Tonya Mosley
Videography by Bryan Tucker
Map,charts and article by Joseph Liu, Pranav Shivanna and Vivian Lu

A historically African American neighborhood, the Central District has seen drastic shifts in its racial and economic make up over the last 10 years. Census data shows that while the African American population in Greater Seattle remained relatively constant between 2000 and 2010, it decreased by 15% in the Central District. During this time, the white population in the Central District increased by 13%.

Along with the change in racial composition, the Central District has also seen an increase in wealth, much like the rest of Seattle. According to census data, The median family income in the Central District has more than tripled since 1990, a change much higher than that of median family income in Seattle, which has more than doubled.


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*Median Family Income data for Central District is the weighted (by population) average of Median Family Income data of the four census tracts comprising the Central District.







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