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IN Close

Current affairs from across the Pacific Northwest, hosted by award-winning journalist Deborah Wang.

IN Close

IN Close features in-depth stories from across the Pacific Northwest, examining a subject or theme from several different perspectives. The goal of IN Close is to take the viewer deep and personal, delving into topics and stories that matter and go well beyond the headlines.

If you could ask an astronaut one question, what would you ask? Here’s what a...
Noah Barnes is one of 1.25 million Americans with Type 1 Diabetes, and he’s...
At the twilight of life, a choir eases the ultimate passage.
In the wake of the city’s failed attempt at a bike-share program, revamped...
It was one of the first homeless tent camps in the nation to transition into a...
People’s Party members announce the party and candidate with a video
Activist, attorney Nikkita Oliver is running for mayor with the support of the...
“My son doesn’t even know he is Muslim. When does “ignorance is bliss” as a...
A look at how democracy vouchers work and what they could mean for the future...
“When I come here, I feel like I’m not in prison anymore.”
Vancouver's Chinatown
Relentless development lands this culturally unique neighborhood on Top Ten...

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South Kitsap middle school students were chosen to interview astronauts in a live downlink.

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