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Home Fires On Masterpiece

Keeping the <em>Home Fires</em> Burning

The television series has been cancelled — but the story continues.

May 2, 2017

Fans of Home Fires on Masterpiece were devastated to learn that the British network ITV cancelled the series at the end of the second season. Despite petitions and protests from viewers in the U.K. and beyond, ITV has stuck by their decision to cancel the series. With the final episode coming up on May 7, we want to prepare our viewers, because by all reports, it ends on a cliff-hanger.

But all is not lost! According to a recent story in WETA’s TellyVisions newsletter, series creator Simon Block will continue the story of Home Fires with a series of novels, which will be released this summer and fall by British publisher Bonnier Zaffre. 

Block explains, “The aim is that those familiar with the TV show will be able to seamlessly continue with the books; while those new to the world of Home Fires will swiftly find themselves brought up to speed and immersed in the stories of the women of Great Paxford.”

“Without the incredible support and desire of the show’s fans to have the story continue, this would not have happened,” Block says. “I can’t thank them enough for their passion, humour and determination to see Home Fires continue. I can’t wait for them to embark on the next part of the story with the characters they have so brilliantly taken to their hearts and kept alive in their imaginations. It’s extremely exciting to be going forward together in this way.”

While we await details on the upcoming books, the U.K.’s Radio Times offers a few tidbits on “what would have happened” after the cliffhanger finale — but be forewarned, there are some spoilers here!

The finale episode of Home Fires airs on KCTS 9 on Sunday, May 7 at 9:00 p.m.


Anne Stuart

Anne Stuart is a senior marketing and communications specialist at KCTS 9. She is the editor of the KCTS 9 Viewer Guide and also writes the eNews and Tellygram newsletters. A lifelong PBS fanatic, Anne loves to share her passion for the great programs on Masterpiece, American Experience, Independent Lens, Nature, Frontline and many more.

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This is such an excellent series, and so well done on all counts. All of us who watch it want the continuation on television. We beg for it! Please give us more, we love Home Fires! 

Many fans of Home Fires may not be aware that the book, Jam Busters, by Julie Summers is the non fiction account of the many contributions by Women Institute members during WWII and was the inspiration for the series Home Fires.   While fans are waiting for the new books by Simon Block, they may wish to read this book which details the amazing efforts of these women from the small towns in the UK.  From housing evacuees, setting up canteens for the troops, growing food for the Ministry, knitting & sewing for the troops, collecting rosehips & foxgloves for medicinal purposes and of course making jam.  Very inspirational.