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Help Protect Elephants With Your Donation to KCTS 9

This spring, KCTS 9 is partnering with the International Elephant Foundation in support of their elephant conservation efforts in Africa. Inspired by Naledi – One Little Elephant, the remarkable documentary from the Nature series, the partnership hopes to raise awareness of the world’s declining elephant populations due to poaching, habitat loss, and human-elephant conflict.

This unique partnership gives KCTS 9 supporters an opportunity to champion two essential organizations with one charitable gift: You’ll support the IEF with the cost of equipment and supplies for one week for a three-man eco-patrol in Guinea, Africa, and support the KCTS 9 natural history programs you cherish.

When you make a financial contribution of $120 or more (or $10 a month or more as a sustaining member), simply opt-in by selecting the IEF option from the Featured Gifts section of the KCTS 9 donor form. A portion of your donation will automatically be designated for the IEF and they will receive your charitable gift to cover the cost of a three-man conservation team in the Massif du Ziama Biosphere Reserve in Guinea, Africa.

Help Protect Elephants with your donation

African forest elephants are suffering a devastating rate of decline, with over 60% of all forest elephants lost within the last decade due to poaching. The Massif du Ziama Forest is the home to the only viable forest elephant population in the Republic of Guinea, with approximately 200 individuals who play a vital role in the biodiversity and habitat health of the region. Your IEF-designated donation to KCTS equips game rangers and eco-guards who protect this key population of forest elephants.

Join KCTS 9 as we support this crucial initiative to help protect the majestic elephants of the Massif du Ziama Biosphere Reserve.

Thank you for supporting what you love.

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About the International Elephant Foundation: Founded in 1998, the IEF has been at the forefront of elephant conservation since its inception, supporting more than 150 projects worldwide with financial assistance. Their projects focus on both the severely endangered Asian elephant and the threatened African elephant – supporting programs that protect elephants, habitat, and the villagers that live with elephants to reduce human-elephant conflict.