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For the nine bakers left, it’s time to tackle the sweet ending to every meal – desserts....
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Season 3 kicks off with a new group of 12 bakers, each looking to impress Paul and Mary....

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Just three challenges lie between the three finalists and the trophy. See who is crowned...
Great British Baking Show  ·  Episode 20160708

Season 3, Episode 2: Biscuits


With cake week done, the remaining bakers must now prove themselves with biscuits. For the signature challenge, the bakers are given two hours to bake 24 identical biscotti. In the technical challenge, they must make eight arlettes, which are light, delicate cinnamon-flavored biscuits. For the Showstopper, they must face the challenge of making 36 biscuits, presented in a homemade biscuit box.

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