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Got a Great Story Idea?

Many of the stories KCTS 9 produces start as suggestions from our viewers. If you have a pitch for a story for our broadcast or website, please share it with us below. 

We look for stories that spark conversation in our communities — stories that inspire, illuminate a civic issue, and celebrate and honor people in our area. 

While we cannot guarantee that your story will be produced, we look forward to reading your idea and hopefully including it in our coverage of great stories from the Pacific Northwest.

*By submitting your story ideas, you hereby give KCTS 9 the right to potentially use them as the basis for the production of any sort of media operated by this organization. Once submitted to KCTS 9, the submission material will become the property of KCTS and will not be returned to you.

What's the headline?
Tell us, in a few sentences, your recommended approach to the story. From what or whose perspective do you see the story being told? What format should it take?
Why is this story timely, relevant, unique or newsworthy? What will viewers/readers learn that is new? How does this story support the KCTS 9 mission to "inspire a smarter world"?