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Golden Apple Moments

Cleveland STEM High School Multimedia Instructor Teresa Scribner Fosters Future Journalists

Congratulations to Teresa Scribner on being recognized as one of the seven recipients of the 2019 Golden Apple Moments for her outstanding achievements in education in Washington State.

March 25, 2019

STEM schools are more than the acronym implies. After leaving her job as a visual journalist at The Seattle Times, Golden Apple Award winner Teresa Scribner helped morph the Cleveland STEM High School newspaper into what’s now called "C-Pub." It’s become a multimedia powerhouse with a Twitter account and live internet feeds. Scribner instructs her students in graphic arts and journalism, including video production.

"It’s not a school event if C-Pub isn’t covering it," she says, with a smile."Without journalism, there would be no truth, there's no one to gate keep. They call it the Fourth Estate for a reason, it's like the fourth branch of the government, where we're the watchdogs for checks and balances of the people in charge. It’s so important for students to learn those things at an early age where they should question everything that's happening around them."



PEMCO Insurance is a proud sponsor of Golden Apple Moments, which recognizes those who have made Washington schools better places for learning

Kathy Tuohey

Veteran producer Kathy Tuohey has been working in broadcast television for over 25 years. From daily segments to documentaries, her expertise includes arts programming, human interest stories and education specials. She is managing producer of the Golden Apple Awards, produces the Pathways to Excellence education series, and is a contributor to IN Close.  This Northwest native’s natural curiosity about the people and places of our region keeps her on the lookout for the next great story.

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