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Global Health Frontiers

GLOBAL HEALTH FRONTIERS highlights a wide range of global health organizations and local volunteers engaged in pioneering field work. The series is made up of four one-hour episodes each containing three separate stories from around the world. Each story reveals how new sources of funding, innovation and dedicated people working on the front lines are making progress in controlling or eradicating major health threats, including poverty that has afflicted millions for centuries. Filmed primarily in Africa, Asia and Latin America, without an on-camera host and minimal narration, the stories include: searches for deadly viruses that could cause global pandemics, mass vaccination campaigns, the development of new strains of food crops to fight malnutrition, anti-smoking successes in Asia, and childbirth improvement methods in some of the deadliest places to be born. Created in a news magazine format, the stories are entertaining and fast-paced and follow engaging characters as they deal head-on with the challenges, successes and failures on the front line of the fight against deadly or disabling diseases.


No episodes are available for online viewing.