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Get Out and Play Pianos in the Parks

Pianos in the Parks is back and had its launch on July 16 in Lake Union Park! Pianos decorated by fine artists from Gage Academy of Art were revealed and are now open for the public to play. 

"Art is about engaging the public," said Gary Faigin, Artistic Director of Gage Academy of Art, at the 2015 launch of Pianos in the Parks. With the unveiling of 22 pianos now open for the public to play, Seattle residents and visitors can enjoy the art of music just walking down the street. 

Over nine months, pianos were gathered from homes across Washington and brought to Seattle where each was decorated individually by fine artists. They can now be found in parks across Seattle, Bellevue, Mercer Island and Kirkland. 

To learn more or to find a piano near you, visti