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Frankie Drake Mysteries

Set in 1920s Toronto, the series follows the adventures of Frankie Drake (Lauren Lee Smith) and her partner Trudy Clarke (Chantel Riley) at Drake Private Detectives, the city’s only all-female detective agency, as they find themselves fighting crime in the age of flyboys, gangsters, rum-runners, and speakeasies.


Season 2
Episode 10
When a magician’s assistant is killed, Frankie goes undercover to find the culprit. But...
Season 2
Episode 9
Frankie and Trudy reluctantly take a case from mob boss Bessie Starkman, but things take...
Season 2
Episode 8
What starts as a simple case of a missing horse leads the team into the gardens of...
Season 2
Episode 7
Mary’s job is threatened when she accuses Detective Greyson of hiding evidence. Has she...
Season 2
Episode 6
Frankie suspects sabotage when a baseball player dies mid-game. Her investigation puts...
Season 2
Episode 5
When famed French designer Coco Chanel is the target of a brazen assassination attempt,...
Season 2
Episode 4
When donations are taken from a girls’ orphanage, civil rights hero Marcus Garvey hires...
Season 2
Episode 3
Mary is acting in a radio drama, but when she realizes the play is a cover for a heist,...
Season 2
Episode 2
The team investigates a kidnapping gone wrong at the Palais Royale. They learn the victim...
Season 2
Episode 1
An old rival turns up selling antiquities, but Frankie’s convinced it’s all a scam. Can...


In 1920s Toronto, follow the city’s only female private detectives.