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Film School Shorts

From dramas to rom-coms, watch award winning short films that bring you Hollywood quality without the three-hour run time. Film School Shorts is a weekly series showcasing indie films with blockbuster talent, including Frances Conroy, Anna Camp, and more!


Season 6
Episode 608
Based on true events that shook California's foster care system, 'Abandon' follows two...
Season 6
Episode 7
Dogs are woman's best friend in two short films. In 'Owen', a homeless woman faces a...
Season 6
Episode 6
Two films follow characters on the fringe. In 'Dios Nunca Muere', a woman struggles to...
Season 6
Episode 5
Life-long fears are realized in the comedic animated short 'The Stick'. In 'She Isn't...
Season 6
Episode 4
Life on the streets is unpredictable and filled with tough choices in these two short...
Season 6
Episode 3
Reincarnation is on the fritz, cows find existence fleeting, teenage daydreams come true...
Season 6
Episode 2
Two short films focus on women at a precipice. 'Crushed In Space; offers an animated look...
Season 6
Episode 1
Two short films explore what it takes to keep the peace on the night shift. 'The Shift'...


Film School Shorts is a weekly series that showcases short student films.