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Willamette River Diesel Spill is Cleaned Up

October 27, 2015

Coast Guard officials said Tuesday morning that the diesel fuel that spilled in the Willamette River has been cleaned up.

The spill occurred at the Kinder Morgan bulk terminal in Northwest Portland.

More than 400 gallons of diesel spilled off a Kirby Offshore Marine barge into the river early Monday morning.

Petty Officer Levi Read, with the U.S. Coast Guard, said there’s an investigation into the accident.

“Kirby Offshore Marine, they are the responsible party and they will be responsible for the cost," Read said. 

The diesel fuel runs equipment on barges, like pumps and generators.

Matt Woodruff, director of public and government affairs at Kirby Offshore Marie, said the company is responsible for the clean up.

“We don’t view [spills] as acceptable,” Woodruff said. "The only thing acceptable is zero spills. There are, from time to time in the industry, small spills.”

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