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Wildfires Now Attack Damp Land: Preview 'This Land' Podcast on NPR

August 19, 2015

This summer, KUOW/EarthFix reporter Ashley Ahearn was invited to the other Washington to participate in NPR’s new storytelling lab. She and NPR’s Jeff Brady (a former OPB reporter) had two weeks to co-host and produce a podcast on national energy and environment issues.

“Ashley and Jeff set out to create a tone that was curious and fun and really succeeded – not an easy task when dealing with environmental stories, which can sometimes elicit an 'eating your vegetables' reaction,” said Michael May, head of the NPR Storytelling Lab.

The podcast is designed to showcase NPR’s new national environmental reporting partnership, which will bring environment reporters from member stations around the country together with NPR to collaborate on coverage.

“'This Land' is a great example for how member stations and NPR can leverage their reporting around the environment and be able to link stories that are reported for a local audience to compare and contrast the ways that communities are dealing with specific issues,” May said.

The pilot episode focuses on wildfires and climate change, bringing listeners rich soundscapes from burning rainforests in the Northwest and melting Alaskan tundra, combined with a dip into the science.  

Listen to the pilot episode of “This Land”:

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Scientists at the Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference in Seattle said modeling suggests large wildfires are increasingly likely to occur going forward.

Flickr/Washington DNR