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Watch Drone Footage of Shell Icebreaker Leaving Portland

July 31, 2015

A protest Thursday in Portland drew hundreds of activists and spectators as an icebreaker working for Royal Dutch Shell, the Fennica, moved along the Willamette River and into the Columbia. protesters with Greenpeace USA attempted to stop the ship by blockade, as 13 people dangled from the St. Johns Bridge. Portland-based kayakers also attempted to block the icebreaker by swarming the river at times.

Private drone operator Adam Simmons captured the action from the sky just as the Fennica was about to cross under the bridge. Even if you were able to make it down to Cathedral Park, Simmons' footage offers a new perspective.

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The U.S. Coast Guard escorted the Fennica past protesters Thursday, July 30, 2015.

John Rosman