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Union Pacific Will Appeal Decision That Blocks Rail Expansion in Mosier, Oregon

December 12, 2016

Union Pacific Railroad says it plans to appeal a decision blocking the expansion of its railroad track in Mosier, Oregon.
In November, the Wasco County Commission denied the proposed development on the basis that it would affect the Yakima Nation’s tribal treaty rights.

The county commission reversed an earlier decision by the Wasco County Planning Commission that approved the railroad expansion but imposed a number of conditions, including new pedestrian crossings.

The Yakima Nation argued that an increase in rail traffic in the gorge would make it harder for tribal members to access fishing sites and that derailments could harm fisheries.

A train carrying crude oil derailed in Mosier, Oregon, last summer.

The railroad has said the new track would make it easier for trains to pass each other and would reduce the amount of time trains spend idling.

Union Pacific Railroad filed a notice of appeal last week with the Columbia River Gorge Commission.

The commission hears land use appeals for Oregon and Washington counties that are part of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.


Oil trains in industrial Northwest Portland.

Tony Schick, OPB/EarthFix