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Top 4 Moments From Think Out Loud This Week

July 31, 2015

This week on OPB's daily talk show, Think Out Loud, a number of our guests told stories filled with passion, drive and even aggression. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Locals activists in kayaks on the Willamette River attempted to block the Royal Dutch Shell's icebreaker, Fennica, from leaving Portland. Then they looked up at the St. John's Bridge.

—Daphne Wysham on the show Wednesday

2. Author and adventurist Rinker Buck traveled the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon pulled by mules. And, true to mule form, they were stubborn. But they're also smart. Maybe smarter doesn't necessarily mean easier?

—Rinker Buck on the show Wednesday

3. Portland Mayor Charlie Hales recently got back from the Vatican, where he met with Pope Francis and other mayors from around the world. In a room full of leaders, things got competitive.

—Hales on the show Tuesday

4. The Americans With Disabilities Act celebrated its 25th anniversary on Monday. But Portland's Disability Program Coordinator wants to do more than just celebrate.

—Nickole Cheron on the show Monday

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Kayakers raised their paddles in protest of Shell's Arctic oil drilling efforts in front of the Fennica during a protest in Portland.

Christina Belasco