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Poor Start for Whale Watching Season

December 28, 2015

Winter storms and rain have reduced visibility at the coast this season — meaning the whale watching hasn’t been so good.

But Oregon State Park Ranger, Luke Parsons, expects that to change this week as clear skies and calmer weather are in the forecast.

He says up to 20,000 whales will swim by during the migration.

“They weigh anywhere between 20 and 40 tons each and so when you see a whole group of these go by, it’s pretty awe-inspiring just to see that type of sea life, this close to us in Oregon," said Parsons.

Parsons staffs the Whale Watching Center in Depoe Bay.

He said grey whales are making their way south to the warmer waters off Mexico to breed and give birth.

The whales start heading back up to the food-rich waters off Alaska in March so they can spend their summers eating.

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A gray whale breaching in the Pacific Ocean.

Courtesey of NOAA