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Parched Olympic Peninsula Community Eyes New Reservoir

August 31, 2015

The proposed site of the reservoir is widely used by local outdoors recreationists. On a hot sunny morning, Jeff Becker and her horse, Vinnie, enjoyed a trail ride in a place that could one day be under water.

“I can see the point of maybe making a reservoir if it will help the situation with the water. It’s probably going to get drier in the future years, not wetter,” Becker said, adding that the DNR will eventually log the land anyway. “That may be a very good use for that land once all the trees come down.”

Proponents of the project hope to have the design completed by the end of 2016 with construction starting in 2017.

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Amanda Cronin stands near the Dungeness River downstream from where water could be diverted during higher flows to fill a reservoir.

Ashley Ahearn, KUOW/EarthFix