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'Land Sharing' Opens Private Land to Campers

July 10, 2016

You’ve heard of car-sharing. Now here’s “land sharing.” A Portland start-up is expanding the share economy concept to private landowners and campers.

A new company called LandApart follows the AirBnB model, but for campers. People who want to camp or rent a cabin in a beautiful area can pay a private landowner for access.
CEO Ven Gist says the company is in part a response to sometimes-crowded public lands that are often not reservable.
"We’re basically collaborating with landowners to open up new wild spaces that people can find and book for truly secluded, unique outdoor experiences," Gist said.
Campsites on the website right now average between $30 and $40 per night. Gist says that since the company launched a couple months ago, about 40 landowners in the Northwest have signed up to host campers.


A view of Mount Hood from "Camp Lizard," one of the campsites available on LandApart, bordering Mount Hood National Forest near The Dalles, Oregon

Courtesy LandApart