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Invasive Beetles Reach Record Levels In Portland

August 29, 2016

Portland is seeing a record number of invasive beetles this summer. And that’s causing concern that non-native insects have established a breeding population that could spread rapidly.
Oregon Agriculture officials have found 265 Japanese beetles in traps placed in the Portland area.

“What we know right now is that this infestation is localized yet producing enough adult beetles that we can find them feeding on roses and other plants in this area,” says Clint Burfitt, manager of the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Insect Pest Prevention and Management Program.
Officials warn that without taking action, the Japanese beetle’s numbers will multiply. That could trigger increased use of pesticides by homeowners and producers of crops like cannabis, hops, wine grapes and nursery plants.
No plans have been made yet to eradicate the invasive beetles. Officials are warning that the infestation can be spread by moving plants, roots and soil from areas where Japanese beetles and juvenile grubs have been detected.


A Japanese beetle eating raspberry leaves.