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Feds Release Environmental Review of Columbia River LNG Project

August 5, 2015

Federal energy regulators released a draft environmental review Wednesday for a liquefied natural gas terminal and pipeline proposed on the Columbia River at Warrenton. The Oregon LNG facility would have the capacity to liquefy nearly 10 million tons of natural gas per year for export.  

Regulators found the project would cause some “adverse environmental impacts,” but said most could be reduced to acceptable levels with changes to construction and operations plans.  

Lauren Goldberg with Columbia Riverkeeper said federal regulators are ignoring the true environmental costs of LNG development.  

“Oregon LNG proposes a project that would have the greatest impact of any private project that we’ve seen in this section of the Columbia River estuary,” she said.  

Oregon LNG did not respond to a request for comment.  

The draft review comes just days after a federal judge ruled against Oregon LNG in a land use case. The court said the Army Corps of Engineers has a valid easement on a portion of the proposed terminal site. The ruling could ultimately prevent the project from proceeding.  

Public input on the nearly 1,000-page draft environmental impact statement is due by Oct. 6.

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Ships carrying liquefied natural gas, like this one docked in France, could be appearing on Northwest shores if the U.S. government approves LNG export terminals.