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Congressman Walden Holds Fire Meeting in Canyon City

September 15, 2015

More than 50 people turned out Monday in Canyon City to discuss the Canyon Creek wildfire and forest policy. The meeting was convened by Republican Congressman Greg Walden.  

Canyon City residents who lost homes or property in the fire still face uncertainties. Will the government provide aid for replanting and restoration? How much salvage logging can take place? Can rehabilitation be completed before winter rains begin?

Those questions don’t have answers yet, as agencies work on restoration plans and funding. Walden said he wants to pass new forest management legislation in Congress.

"What we need to do is change the way these forests are managed so they're more actively managed. So we reduce the intensity of these forest fires that we know we're going to have. How do we minimize fuel loads? How do we maximize forest health and create jobs along the way?"

The Forest Service says restoration work and some logging are planned for this fall on both public and private lands burned in the fire, but the timing is uncertain. 


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Crews burn out along roads to reduce fuels and increase the width of the control line.

Traci Weaver