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Afternoon Fishing Restrictions Lifted in Oregon

September 1, 2015

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife rolled back afternoon fishing restrictions Tuesday for most rivers around the state.

Since mid-July, fishing for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon and trout has been prohibited after 2 p.m.

Low water levels and warmer-than-average temperatures this summer were hard on fish species in the region.

“We’ve left this period where it was abnormally hot and we’re back to sort of normal conditions in most places," said Chris Kern, the deputy administrator for ODFW's fish division.

The recent rain has also helped increase some river levels, he said.

Sturgeon fishing is also allowed again above Bonneville Dam.

Warm water conditions this summer killed more than 80 sturgeon in the Tri-Cities area.

Now that temperatures are back to normal, the ban is lifted, but sturgeon fishing is still on a catch and release basis.

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