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Buck-Tooth Bucky/Tiny's Tiny Friend
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"Nest Swap" - The Pteranodon Family decides to take a little vacation and swap nests with...
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When Mr. Pteranodon and Larry go out to the Big Pond to find some red platanoids for the...

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When the Pteranodon kids decide to draw some maps, Don's map of one big land mass for "...
Dinosaur Train  ·  Episode 132

Buck-Tooth Bucky/Tiny's Tiny Friend


Buck-Tooth Bucky - When Don finds a mystery tooth in Dad's old tooth collection, Dad decides to take the kids on an investigation. They discover that the tooth belongs to a dinosaur called Masiakasaurus, a creature with a mouthful of protruding buck teeth! Tiny's Tiny Friend - Tiny gets upset when she finds a miniature mammal named Cindy Cimolestes has moved into her "Tiny Place," a hole in a tree near the family nest. Buddy ends up using his sharp eyes to help Cindy find a new home that more perfectly fits her small size.

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