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Erma Eoraptor/Under The Volcano
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Pteranodon Family World Tour - The entire Pteranodon family embarks on a roaring,...
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Have You Heard About the Herd? - Tiny and Buddy are psyched to go to the Cretaceous...
Dinosaur Train  ·  Episode 124

Erma Eoraptor/Under The Volcano


Erma Eoraptor - Buddy, Tiny, and Mrs. Pteranodon go on an expedition to find Erma Eoraptor, a member of the first species of dinosaur that ever lived. They venture off the beaten paths in the Triassic to find Erma, and then bring her back for a ride on the Dinosaur Train! Under the Volcano - Tiny, Buddy, and Mr. Pteranodon take the Dinosaur Train to Volcano Valley to see the local volcano. The sight is so spectacular, they go back for the rest of the family only to discover they've already gone to see the volcano! The merry mix-up concludes as the whole family meets up to marvel at the sight of Mt. Smoky erupting.

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