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The Old Bird/Diamond Don
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Dinosaur Camouflage - Buddy and Tiny meet a shy dinosaur, Leslie Lesothosaurus, who is...
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King Cryolophosaurus - Buddy, Tiny, Don and Mom meet a reclusive, singing dinosaur named...

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The Burrowers - The Pteranodon family rides the Dinosaur Train to meet a family of...
Dinosaur Train  ·  Episode 120

The Old Bird/Diamond Don


The Old Bird - Buddy, Tiny and Mom make a play date with Petey Peteinosaurus to ride the Dinosaur Train to meet Arlene Archeopteryx, a bird from the family of the oldest birds ever! The kids are excited to learn that Arlene is a bird and a dinosaur. Home With Shiny & Don - Shiny and Don stay at home and we get to see that just because they don't always ride with Buddy and Tiny on the Dinosaur Train doesn't mean that they are not having fun. An adventure into a local caves leads to a marvelous and brilliant discovery.

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