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Laura The Giganotosaurus/Dinosaur Poop!
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Derek the Deinonychus - Buddy, Tiny and Mom visit a family of Deinonychus, dinosaurs with...
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Armored Like an Ankylosaurus - The kids travel on the Dinosaur Train with Mr. Pteranodon...

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One Big Dinosaur - Tiny and Buddy visit a dinosaur family called Argentinosaurus, some of...
Dinosaur Train  ·  Episode 110

Laura The Giganotosaurus/Dinosaur Poop!


Laura the Giganotosaurus - Buddy spends time with Laura Giganotosaurus, a large dinosaur who always rides the Dinosaur Train and, like Buddy, is a three-toed theropod! Buddy also discovers that Laura is an avid bird-watcher. Dinosaur Poop! - Buddy and Tiny learn that all creatures poop, even really big dinosaurs.

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