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Beating The Heat/Flowers for Mom
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I'm a T. rex! - Buddy travels to Rexville on the Dinosaur Train and meets Delores...
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The Call of the Wild Corythosaurus - The family surprises Mom for her birthday with a...

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Valley of the Stygimolochs - Buddy wonders if he'll grow horns when he gets older, so Mrs...
Dinosaur Train  ·  Episode 103

Beating The Heat/Flowers for Mom


Beating the Heat - Buddy and Tiny travel to the Jurassic to make a new friend, Morris Stegosaurus, and discover how this huge dinosaur keeps cool in the heat. Flowers for Mom - The kids go to the Big Pond to look for flowers to give to Mom on her special Mothers Day. They find many different flowers while following a very busy bee.

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