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Dinosaur Train incorporates children's enthusiasm for dinosaurs and trains while educating children in scientific thinking, natural history, and paleontology. The show encourages children to explore questions, observations and conclusions. <br/> <strong>Ages:</strong> 3-6<br/> <strong>Educational Goal:<\/strong> Science


No episodes are available for online viewing.
Buddy and his dinosaur family explore and learn about science, history and paleontology.

Upcoming Episodes

Mon 8/26, 10:00am
The Tiny-Saur Train/How Many Horns

While Mikey Microraptor is visiting Tiny at the family nest, next-door neighbor Larry Lambeosaurus tells Mikey that he can't actually be a dinosaur, since he's so small, and all dinosaurs are gigantic. Tiny and Mikey decide to show...

Mon 8/26, 10:30am
Mom Was A Kid Once

After Shiny and Annie have a disagreement while exploring a local cave, Mom recalls a similar disagreement with her best friend when she was a kid, Tilly Pteranodon. Tilly happens to be visiting that day and the kids get to meet her for the first...