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Digital Studios: Two Cents

PBS Digital Studios and the producers of It’s Okay to Be Smart bring you TWO CENTS, a new weekly series about personal finance for millennials and Gen Z.


Season 2
Episode 19
What’s the difference between an LLC and an S-Corp? If you’re thinking about starting a...
Season 2
Episode 18
Restaurants are getting more and more expensive, yet Americans are eating out more often...
Season 2
Episode 17
Americans tend to get basic financial questions wrong compared to other Western countries...
Season 2
Episode 16
The money that you're saving is worth less every year...why is that? And what can you do...
Season 2
Episode 15
It takes the average American 13 HOURS to file their taxes... yet few of us know how they...
Season 2
Episode 14
The market will judge your idea one way or another… why not hear the verdict BEFORE you...
Season 2
Episode 12
What if there were a way to dodge taxes on a chunk of your paycheck? Or how about an...
Season 2
Episode 11
Every investor dreams of getting in on the ground floor on a success story like Amazon,...
Season 2
Episode 10
Since the human mortality rate seems to be holding steady at 100%, chances are you will...
Season 2
Episode 9
If you started selling a service or product today, how would you know how much to charge...
Season 2
Episode 8
Books and movies love to show wealthy people as cruel, unfeeling, and miserly. Turns out...
Season 2
Episode 7
With college tuition skyrocketing, many young people are looking to trade or vocational...
Season 2
Episode 6
The popular “FIRE” movement proclaims that anybody can retire decades earlier if they...
Season 2
Episode 5
Legal cannabis production is taking the investing world by storm. As more big names move...
Season 2
Episode 4
They may not be listening in on your phone calls... but they don't have to. You're...
Season 2
Episode 3
For many young people, health insurance is a big expense that may seem unnecessary... but...
Season 2
Episode 2
It’s not just a matter of having less money. For many people below the poverty line, some...
Season 2
Episode 1
So-called “free-to-play” video games are raking in record profits for game companies. How...


Personal finance tip and tricks for millennials and Gen Z!