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Digital Studios: Origin of Everything

Every aspect of our daily reality, whether its the words we use, the pop culture we love, the technology that get us through the day, or even the identities we give ourselves, emerge from thousands of intersecting histories. And on this show, we're going to explore them ALL! . . . Okay, maybe not ALL, but you get the idea.


Season 2
Episode 22
In the internet age what's the point of libraries? Do we even still need these brick and...
Season 2
Episode 21
What's the history behind public housing? Why do governments all over the world subsidize...
Season 2
Episode 20
Going to college in America ain't cheap with each semester costing thousands upon...
Season 2
Episode 19
Is art a public good? Why is the government even paying for art in the first place? Today...
Season 2
Episode 18
The US imprisons more people than any other country in the world. Today, Danielle...
Season 2
Episode 17
What is it about cults that captures the public imagination? Why are we so interested in...
Season 2
Episode 16
Why are school teachers tasked with teaching students about sexual education? Today,...
Season 2
Episode 15
Where did the concept of a hobby come from? And how did humans turn the things they do...
Season 2
Episode 14
Why do so many anthems and patriotic songs from across the globe sound the same? Today...
Season 2
Episode 13
What motivates someone to disguise their race, gender, religion, etc.? Today Danielle...
Season 2
Episode 12
What's the difference between race and ethnicity? Can a person have more than one ethnic...
Season 2
Episode 10
We understand why we have first names and how our surnames tie us to our family heritage...
Season 2
Episode 9
What really crashed down to Earth in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? Can we trust the...
Season 2
Episode 8
What is culture? Can it even be appropriated? Is there a difference between appreciation...
Season 2
Episode 7
Did you drink milk in school? Congrats, you drank the results of a government subsidy...
Season 2
Episode 6
Why does the government care about race? If we're all more than our race, why is the...
Season 2
Episode 5
Did Thomas Edison pave the way for today's EduTubers? Danielle tracks the path from...
Season 2
Episode 3
Hijabs, yarmulkes, habits, and dastars — why do so many religions have rules about hair...
Season 2
Episode 2
When did makeup ads become less about beauty and more about science? And is that science...
Season 2
Episode 1
When did tattoos shift from counterculture to mainstream? Are they okay? At what point is...


Origin of Everything is a history show from PBS Digital Studios.