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Digital Studios: It’s Okay to Be Smart

This is a show about science. But it's probably not about science the way you're used to it. Hosted by Joe Hanson, author of the science blog, It's Okay to be Smart. Part of the PBS Digital Studios network.


Season 7
Episode 4
You may have heard that a kilogram of feathers weighs the same as a kilogram of steel,...
Season 7
Episode 3
Honeycomb. Strawberries. Flower pods. Some people find these things incredibly scary. We...
Season 7
Episode 2
Humans have a hard time with really big numbers, especially when it comes to DEEP TIME....
Season 7
Episode 1
If we lived light years from Earth, how would we know there’s life here? Let’s take a...


As we get ready to watch that big football game that my lawyers tell me I’m not allowed...
Ever wonder where your favorite Thanksgiving foods come from? Well the truth may be...
Joe brings in a few friends to look at death in the animal kingdom.


A show about science, but probably not science the way you're used to it.