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Digital Studios: Deep Look

See the unseen at the very edge of our visible world. Get a new perspective on our place in the universe and meet extraordinary new friends. Explore big scientific mysteries by going incredibly small.


Season 5
Episode 17
Dogs have a famously great sense of smell, but what makes their noses so much more...
Season 5
Episode 16
A baby hairworm hitches a ride inside a cricket, feasting on its fat until the coiled-up...
Season 5
Episode 14
There are strange little towers on the forest floor. Neat, right? Nope. Inside hides a...
Season 5
Episode 13
It's an all-out brawl for prime beach real estate! These Caribbean crabs will tear each...
Season 5
Episode 12
Planarians are tiny googly-eyed flatworms with an uncanny ability: They can regrow their...
Season 5
Episode 11
Their skeletons are prized by beachcombers, but sand dollars look way different in their...
Season 5
Episode 10
Voracious, venomous and hella leggy, house centipedes are masterful predators with a...
Season 5
Episode 9
Fluffy kittens chasing a ball are beyond adorable -- but they sure aren't born that way....
Season 5
Episode 8
Nudibranchs may look cute, squishy and defenseless ... but watch out. These brightly-...
Season 5
Episode 7
Pollinator. Mason. Jeweler. A female blue orchard bee is a multitasking master. She...
Season 5
Episode 6
African elephants may have magnificent ears, but on the savanna, they communicate over...
Season 5
Episode 5
Earwigs are equipped with some pretty imposing pincers on their rear, and they're not...
Season 5
Episode 4
OK. Maybe you would. But the lengths they have to go to to stock up for the winter *will...
Season 5
Episode 3
Cone Snails have an arsenal of tools and weapons under their pretty shells. These reef-...
Season 5
Episode 2
They may be dressed in black, but crow funerals aren't the solemn events that we hold for...
Season 5
Episode 1
The silent star of classic Westerns is a plant on a mission. It starts out green and full...


KQED takes us deep into the small, beautiful world of biology.