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Digital Studios: America From Scratch

What if we made "America From Scratch" today rather than 250 years ago? Would 12-year-olds be allowed to vote? What if there were no states? Host Toussaint Morrison joins the PBS Digital Studios family to ask these big questions and celebrate the incredible opportunities represented by our ongoing American experiment. Produced by Rewire as part of the Twin Cities PBS "In It Together" initiative.


Season 1
Episode 11
The people of the United States are not united on how they view law enforcement officers...
Season 1
Episode 10
We blame a lot of our political dysfunction and polarization on our two-party system. So...
Season 1
Episode 9
Imagine being required to vote by penalty of law. Sound a little extreme? Maybe. But for...
Season 1
Episode 8
More than 60 other countries require their adult citizens to serve in the military. If...
Season 1
Episode 7
The right to an abortion, the right to marry, the Dred Scott decision—some of the United...
Season 1
Episode 6
Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom of…private data? The United States Bill...
Season 1
Episode 5
Women make up about half of the U.S. population. But Congress is only 20 percent women,...
Season 1
Episode 4
The average lifespan of a country's constitution is 12 years. But the U.S. Constitution...
Season 1
Episode 3
States: they're a fact of American life we take largely for granted. But why do we need...
Season 1
Episode 2
We spend a lot of time thinking, worrying, debating—and, yes, fighting—over who should be...
Season 1
Episode 1
Voting age takes on new relevance today as young people across the country are making...


What if we made "America From Scratch" today rather than 250 years ago?