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The Day I Age Out

Part Three: Finding Home

A three-part series following two foster youths as they age out of Washington State’s extended foster-care system.

September 27, 2016

Mykell has an emotional reunion and moment of truth with a past foster mother.  Corey finds an apartment and plans to get his high school diploma.  

I guess your story doesn’t necessarily define you, where you come from doesn’t define you. And don’t let the small stuff stop you. Don’t major on the minors.




Bryan Tucker

Bryan Tucker is a freelance producer and documentary filmmaker based in Seattle. His first feature-length documentary film, Closure, secured national cable broadcast distribution, regional broadcast distribution on KCTS 9’s “Reel NW” series and is available on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon VOD. Bryan works with a variety of freelance clients in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, and seeks out projects that elevate marginalized voices and address social justice issues.

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What a great 3 part series. I hope that Corey and Mykell continue to go strong. Thank you for sharing your stories with the world. God be with you.