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Dave Ko - Director, Photographer and Editor at KCTS 9 Is a 2015 Silver Circle Inductee

On June 6th, 2015, Dave Ko will be inducted into the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Northwest Chapter’s Silver Circle.

During his 39 year career at KCTS, Dave was honored with 11 Northwest Region Emmy Awards for photography, editing and directing. His versatility and his ability to see things uniquely made him a successful visual artist during his long career. His induction into the Silver Circle is well deserved.

Congratulations Dave!


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All arms in the air to a career well done and a much deserved award.
Proud to be a relative -- if only by marriage!
Love, Susan (and Tom too!) xoxo

Congratulations! I have enjoyed many of his works. and 39 years at KCTS is very impressive too.

What a talented guy!! And a deserved tribute. It's about time...

Congratulations Dave!

David Ko is a bright shining star at KCTS! His résumé virtues speaks for itself. But his kindness and personability exceeds the former.

Congratulations and well deserved.

I met Dave when I joined KCTS in 1979, I left in 99, he stayed and now he is gone but I don't think it is because he left. Too bad, he deserves the induction to the silver circle and all the respect that goes with it. Go Bro!

Hey Dave,
OMG! I LOVE this video! Particularly the last seconds! And the Roy segment. Roy needs more time in the video.
No one deserves this honor more than you do! So very proud of you and all you have accomplished over the past 39 years.
Your public thanks you! As do I.
With appreciation and deep respect,
Carla Main

Congratulations for an amazing award and an amazing career. Very impressive!!!!

Congratulations, Dave! It's wonderful to see you receive the recognition you so deserve!
All the best,
Pat Malllinson

Congratulations Dave Ko! Great video of you and the deep appreciation of your talent, skill and integrity you offered KCTS and all its viewers over the years. KCTS and us viewers lost the gold with your leaving.
A deep bow to you. Lindy

What a great tribute to a talented, unassuming genius. Dave, congratulations on this honor, so richly deserved, and thanks to you for all the years of the gift of your talents to KCTS and its viewers and subscribers. Your loss to KCTS is a loss to us all. 3 cheers to you!

Congratulations Dave - You are the best and have always been a joy to work with... You have made my years here fun & have set the bar high for others....

I commend you for such an examplary achievement. Your contribution to KCTS is immense. Well deserved.

Congrats Dave. We could use you up here in Alaska!

Kudos, Dave! Your mom, Alyce, would be so (humbly) proud of you, as we who grew up with you (in the Tri-Cities) are. You were always dedicated to your passions. Your determination, honesty and fairness have been justly rewarded. Way to go.

I can't even describe how incredibly proud I am of Dave Ko, and all that he has accomplished in his 39 years at KCTS. I feel honored to be his daughter and to have such an amazingly talented father and role model to look up to. KCTS is going to suffer a huge loss without your amazing work ethnic, incredible talent, and unparalleled eye in the television industry. Many congratulations on not only your unbelievable amount of Emmys, but also your induction to the Silver Circle! So incredible! You've got a very proud daughter here!