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Cyberchase, the award-winning, research-based adventure series, helps kids develop strong math and problem-solving skills. <br/> <strong>Ages:</strong> 6-11<br/> <strong>Educational Goal:</strong> Mathematics


No episodes are available for online viewing.
Three kids use math and problem-solving skills to stop Hacker from taking over Cyberspace.

Upcoming Episodes

Sun 9/30, 10:30am
Less Than Zero

The Leaders of Cyberspace have gathered to discuss Hacker's increasing influence, when they are suddenly interrupted by Hacker. Buzz and Delete, Hacker's henchmen, hide the leaders including Dr. Marbles, in the building and its' up...

Sun 10/7, 10:30am
A Change of Art

Statues of Hacker are popping up all across Cyberspace. It's his latest scheme - art therapy! Heartbroken after losing to the kids yet again, Hacker throws himself into sculpture and gives his work away. Problem is, wherever one turns up,...