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Curious Traveler

Remember when you were young and had that childlike wonder about everything you saw? Well, Christine van Blokland, the Emmy-winning host and writer of CURIOUS TRAVELER, never quite outgrew that inquisitive phase. As an arts and travel reporter for the past 20 years, she now shares that insatiable curiosity for the exciting, inspiring and beautiful world around us in this unique travel series.


Season 3
Episode 312
After nearly 500 years, French is still the official language of Québec. How has it...
Season 3
Episode 311
Why did England choose Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg, Virginia as their earliest...
Season 3
Episode 310
Who is buried under Glasgow Cathedral and why? Who was Saint Mungo, and where can you see...
Season 3
Episode 309
In this episode, we explore the curious world of Royal Warrants, a special designation...
Season 3
Episode 308
Why is a European Christmas Market also called Weihnachtsmarkt or a Christkindlmarkt? And...
Season 3
Episode 307
Why is there a stone giant holding a flame, high in the hills overlooking Guanajuato City...
Season 3
Episode 306
Where is 'Auld Reekie', and how did it get its name? What is underneath Edinburgh's Old...
Season 3
Episode 305
How did this UNESCO town in Mexico get such a curious name? And what does the Mexican...
Season 3
Episode 304
Why is there a giant church complex, the DomQuartier, in this tiny Alpine town? Who lived...
Season 3
Episode 303
What does the Yorkshire dialect have to do with Vikings? How did the Quakers and...
Season 3
Episode 302
Who were the Habsburgs, Maria Theresa, Franz Joseph and Sisi? How did they shape Vienna?...
Season 3
Episode 301
How did Dublin get its name? And what do Vikings and a black pool have to do with it? Who...
Christine van Blokland brings her storytelling and passion and zest for the arts.