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Curious George encourages children to explore science, engineering, and math in the world around them. George motivates children to expand their own investigations of the world with knowledge of basic concepts and hands-on exploration. <br/> <strong>Ages:</strong> 3-5<br/> <strong>Educational Goal:</strong> Science, Mathematics


No episodes are available for online viewing.
Curious George encourages children to explore science, engineering and math.

Upcoming Episodes

Sat 9/21, 10:00am
Monkey Stagehand/Magic Garden

Monkey Stagehand: Bill needs some help behind the scenes of the town talent show and George happily volunteers. So Bill shows George the ropes, literally, and the two friends practice working the pulleys that control the curtains and scenery, and...

Sun 9/22, 10:00am
Dj George/Curious George Paints The Desert

DJ George - It's George's lucky day when the Man with the Yellow Hat wins tickets to a Bonnie Smooth concert over the radio. But at the radio station, George's luck turns when he accidentally locks himself into the DJ booth just as...