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Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Chickpeas with Lemon & Harissa

Nancy Granada, Camas


"I am always looking for ways to incorporate vegetarian and vegan meals into my cooking repertoire. We live in a place where amazing restaurants and local ingredients are plentiful, so I find a lot of inspiration by dining out. This recipe is inspired by an appetizer my husband and I love at a local restaurant in Portland. The core elements of the recipe are all pulled directly from the appetizer, while I’ve taken some liberty with ingredients that may be a bit exotic for the average home cook’s kitchen (the menu described the dish as having preserved lemon and Aleppo peppers, neither of which I just had laying around the kitchen). In their place I used fresh lemon and harissa spice blend.
I created my blog Kindred-Kitchen in response to the many requests I was receiving from friends whenever I posted photos of my latest kitchen creations on social media. It’s a fantastic outlet for my cooking creativity and I’m hopeful it helps people cook and enjoy delicious and healthy food." 


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This was fabulous! ! My new favorite!