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Salmon Wellington paired with a Red Cabbage and Parsley Salad

Miriam Borys, North Vancouver, BC  


Chef Miriam Borys recently retired as a teacher and instructor of culinary arts at a large secondary school in Burnaby, BC, Canada. She continues to be a passionate food instructor providing Food Safe instruction and cooking classes in the community. Through her blog “Cooking Uncovered” and YouTube Channel, Chef Miriam provides on-line recipes and step-by-step instruction. You can find her recipe blog at

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I would love to copy the recipe and take it home. I have enjoyed making some of the other tea time offerings. Disappointed to miss out on this one.

I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying KCTS 9 recipes. This dish is included in the new KCTS 9 All-Time Favorites cookbook along with 350 more. You can click on the "Get The Recipe" or "Donate Now" link above to go to the donation page.

However, every once in a while, we do post some of our favorite recipes on the website. To get updates on new recipes, sign up for our newsletter here: