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Berry Cream Cheese Scones

Berry Cream Cheese Scones, Chef Hiroki Inoue, Hiroki, Seattle WA.


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Hi Al,Check out this Japanese/European Bakery/Cafe in Greenwood/Green Lake neighborhood (Tangletown).

Didn't share the amount of flour, better etc in video. COULDN'T REPRODUCE AT HOME. iS THERE A WAY TO ACCESS THE WRITTEN RECIPE?

If you go to our Donate page, then search for program by "desserts" the page with the cookbook will pop up. For sustainers, it's $6 monthly or $72 as a single donation. If you're already a sustaining donor, call our Donor Services office, 800-937-5287 and they'll set you up to get the recipe with your exisitng gift. Thanks for supporting!!

Hey, that's a great idea! Leave out an ingredient, or two, so people will have to subscribe. Do that with every televised feature item. I'm certain you will get loads of people to subscribe due to your good-will gesture.  

I'm ready to donate to get the recipes from this series. However, when I go to the donate page, I don't see this listed as a gift, even when I search for "dessert", as you suggest. 

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This recipe is from an older episode of KCTS 9 Cooks and cookbook was removed from the donate page. Please email membership at or call them at 1.800.937.5287 and they can help you find the recipe book. Thank you in advance for your donation.