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Conversations With Enrique Cerna

Interview With Washington Congressman Dave Reichert

In an interview, recorded live, Reichert discusses health care, tax reform, the immigration crackdown, the Congressman’s refusal to hold constituent town halls and more.

May 11, 2017

Washington Congressman Dave Reichert talks with Senior Correspondent Enrique Cerna about his decision to vote “no” on the Republican-led American Health Care Act, which narrowly passed the House last week. The Eighth District Republican Congressman was one of the few to buck his party in the final vote. Besides health care, we take viewer questions and comments tax reform, the Trump Administration’s immigration crackdown, the Congressman’s refusal to hold constituent town halls and other timely issues.  


Enrique Cerna

The son of Mexican immigrants, Enrique Cerna was born and raised in the Yakima Valley.  Enrique joined KCTS 9 in January, 1995. He has anchored current affairs programs, moderated statewide political debates, produced and reported stories for national PBS programs in addition to local documentaries on social and juvenile justice, the environment and Latinos in Washington State.

Enrique has earned nine Northwest Emmy Awards and numerous other honors. In June, 2013, he was inducted into the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Northwest Chapter’s Silver Circle for his work as a television professional.

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Mr. Cerna, why are you not challenging Dave Reichert on his claims in this interview? For example, Reichert claimed (as evidence for why Obamacare is failing) that, while the exchanges in WA State may be succeeding, in some other states they are “totally falling apart. They have one provider, and some states are looking at having no insurance providers at all.”This statement is extremely misleading and false. Every state has an array of health insurance providers and will continue to, exchange or no exchange. Within the exchanges, some states such as Wisconsin, Washington, Texas, California, Ohio, New York, and Colorado, offer a number of choices of insurance providers. And other states’ exchanges offer little choice of providers, including 5 that offer only one option. Why is this? A major reason is that Marco Rubio and the Republicans deliberately undermined the exchanges in 2015 by reneging on their promise to underwrite the risk insurance companies were taking in entering the exchanges for a specific period of time. And one can see the consequential shrinking choices of insurance providers in 2016 and 2017. (See Google “risk corridors Marco Rubio” for more info, e.g.