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Women in Politics; Childcare; Death Penalty
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Season 27
Episode 2712
Carrie Lukas, the president of the Independent Women’s Forum. We speak to her as part of...
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Season 27
Episode 2710
This week on To The Contrary: a special documentary edition that looks at the latest...
To The Contrary

Women in Politics; Childcare; Death Penalty

Season: 27
Eps: 2711

Women in Politics: Women win big in the primaries so far, but will they be able to win against incumbents in the general election? Childcare: Why women being able to write off childcare as a campaign expense is being called a “game changer.” Behind the Headlines: The Death Penalty. Support for capital punishment is going down. PANEL: Lara Brown, Rina Shah, Julie Gunlock, Atima Omara

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