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The Circuit

How Your Old TV Ends Up in Hong Kong

May 9, 2016

GPS trackers placed in four electronic devices sent signals from recycling centers in the US to landfills in Hong Kong. Are your old electronics being recycled responsibly? Explore each tacker's journey spanning thousands of miles and hundreds of days. Read "The Circuit" to learn more about ewaste.

Data provided by MIT Senseable City Lab and the Basel Action Network. Graphic by Jason Bernert. Map tiles by Leaflet and ArcGIS./OPB

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As the Her Majesty's colonial administrators may have asked prior to 1997:Why Hong Kong?? HK, of course, aside from being a worldwide shipping hub is comprised of some of the most highly-valued real estate on suspects the true answer may require any intrepid investigative journalist to swim a gauntlet through the bizarre underworld, between the overworld HK capital elites and the greased-palm wrath of apparatchiks of the PRC mainland State.BTW-(ahem) Seattle is closer to 200 miles from your Beaverton backyard...